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Whole Organic Oats For Sprouting 20KG


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Oats were the traditional feed for working horses for many generations, until commercial mixes and pellets were introduced and gradually replaced straights.
They are still the grain of choice in many European countries. Many owners are now returning to feeding a vitamin and mineral mix or balancer and then topping up with straights such as oats.


Organic Whole Oats are a superior straight feeding stuff for horses.
Compared to other cereals such as barley, wheat and maize, oats are more easily digestible and do not need to be processed before feeding. They are designed to be fed as part of a balanced diet, adding energy (calories), stamina and condition.



Whole organic seed oats


Crude Protein 10.5%, Crude Fibre 11%, Crude Oil 4.5%, Ash 4%, DE (horse) 11.5 MJ/kg

Immerse a couple of kilos of whole organic seed oats in a bucket of water and soak for 24 hours (just like you would for sugar beet). Drain off the discoloured water and rinse the oats in a large sieve to clean away any dust or natural spores. Return the oats to the bucket and leave damp and covered.

Over the next 3 to 6 days the oats will germinate. During this period (right from day 1 after soaking) you can feed the oats each day to your horse – just ensure you rinse the oats before you add them to his feed bowl. Germinating oats are very different in composition to dry whole oats, gradually containing less carbohydrates (starch, sugar, cellulose, etc) and increased levels of protein, vitamins and minerals. Oh, and organic oats have significantly less natural mycotoxins than non-organic oats – see our science and research pages for details.

If you feed significant quantities of organic oats (racehorses, endurance, sports and competition horses), please use our Daily Essentials balancer to ensure correct levels of minerals. Please note that we cannot guarantee the absence of naturally occurring prohibited substances such as poppy seeds etc with these certified organic oats, as no pesticides or herbicides are used in the farming of these oats.


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