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Freshly Milled Oat Bran (Non Organic) 25KG


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The tempting taste and aroma of Oat Bran make it an excellent carrier for supplements.

Oat Bran is a suitable addition to bulk out feeds and is particularly
useful for older horses with poor dentition.

Our Oat Bran is human food grade and freshly milled for us.

Oat bran contains high levels of beta glucans. Beta glucan is a soluble dietary fibre present typically in oats and it nutritionally supports the digestive system.

The beta glucan content in whole grain oats (such as our Certified Organic Oats) varies from 2% to 8% dry weight. The beta glucan content in our Oat Bran is usually between 6% to 10% of dry weight.

Why feed Oat Bran?

Oat Bran nutritionally supports the digestive system.

Ideal for tempting fussy eaters due to its appealing aroma and taste.

An excellent carrier for supplements when made into a palatable mash.

Oat Bran is a suitable addition to bulk out feeds and is particularly useful for older horses with poor dentition

100% Oat Bran

Crude Protein 12.4%, Crude Oil 7.9%, Crude Fibre 4.1%, (DE) 16.55 MJ/kg, Ash 2.8%

Ponies up to 250kg – up to 250g per day

Horses 250kg to 500kg – up to 500g per day

Horses 500kg to 750kg – up to 750g per day

Mix well into feed.
Always dampen before feeding.
If feeding larger amounts of bran on a regular basis, add 25g of limestone flour (calcium carbonate) per Kilo of oat bran, which will balance the calcium and phosphorus to the optimum 2:1 ratio for horses.

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight

What Forage can be fed ? HayLo can be used to feed Hay (both dry and soaked) Haylage. How much can it hold ? The feeder can hold approx. 8.5kg of hay;10-12kg of Haylage. By how much will it slow down the eating process ? The feeder will on average slow down the rate of consumption by up to four times the length of time it would take your horse to eat loose on the ground. You will find that as your horse becomes accustomed to having a steady stream of forage available, they will naturally self- regulate their eating and start to graze more slowly from the feeder , thus further extending the length of time the forage lasts. As your horse becomes used to the fact that there is feed available when they want it, they will no longer feel the need to gorge as soon as food is presented; as they will no longer be hungry, frustrated, stressed or uncomfortable. All of which can happen when left for extended periods without food.


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